Hair Fall Treatment, Home Remedies & Tips

Hair is the reflection of our diet & lifestyle. There can be many causes of hair fall like improper diet & blood circulation, dandruff, stress, depression, etc.

Remedies for Hair fall
1) Oil

Do anyone of the following that suits you:

• Massage your scalp with warm coconut oil weekly once/twice. Shampoo it out after 3 hours or next morning.

• Mix coconut oil, almond oil & castor oil in equal quantities (like 1tsp each) & massage your scalp with it weekly once/twice.
• Apply Arnica hair oil. You can get it from any homeopathy medical store.
2) Shampoo
• Use mild or herbal shampoo that suits your hair.

• ‘Pantene for smooth & silky hair’ & Himalayan herbal shampoos are good. • Don’t use any strong/chemical based shampoos like anti-dandruff shampoos because they are harsh on hair many time.
3) Conditioners

• Use a good conditioner after shampooing.
4) Perming/coloring/…

• Avoid perming/streghtening your hair right now.

• Avoid coloring your hair.

• Avoid using dryer also on your hair. Let it dry naturally after shampooing.
5) Diet:

• Drink at least 12-15 glasses of water daily. Make it a habit.

• Take a healthy diet especially rich in proteins, vitamins & minerals.

• Increase intake of green vegetables, fresh fruits & salads in your diet.

• Drink 3 glasses of milk daily.

• Daily eat two eggs or two cups of boiled plain dal (you can add salt to it according to taste).

• Avoid dieting.

• Avoid excess intake of coffee & junk foods.
6. Life Style

• Daily sleep for at least 8-10 hours.

• Have a regular sleep.

• Don’t be irregular in sleeping (don’t do like this that one night you sleep very early & next night late).

• Avoid sleeping late at night.

• Keep yourself cool.

• Avoid stress as much as possible.

7 Exercise
Do the following three:

• Sit outside in garden or park & take deep breaths & leave. Do this 18 times daily twice (18 times early in the morning & 18 times in the evening).

• Rub your fingers (don’t involve thumb) of both hands against each other for 10 minutes in the morning & 10 minutes in the evening. Do this daily.

• Take out time & go for 30-45 minutes walking daily in the evening. In the beginning start with 10 minutes of walk & slowly increase the time as well as speed. Go for brisk walk.
8 Home Remedy

Soak fenugreek seeds (methi seeds) in water overnight & next morning grind it into paste. Apply this paste on your scalp & hair. Shampoo it out after half an hour.